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Marie de la Roche

About Marie de la Roche

La Roche University is named in honor of Stephanie Fredericka Amalia La Roche von Starkenfels von Vulté, a French noblewoman, who became the co-foundress of the Sisters of Divine Providence, who founded and continue to sponsor the University.

LaRoche-Starkenfels-Vulte (Barons)

Originating from French noble lineage from Burgundy. Samuel de la Roche left his homeland in 1645 and died as Kurbrandenburg Colonel of the cavalry of Bremen on July 22, 1701. His son with the same name was Hessen Cassel General and became on the 12th of August 1706 together with von Starkenfels included in the German Reich’s cavalry in Vienna the 26th of June 1713 but with the title noble Herr von Starkenfels was raised into the German nobility into which in 171 he had already bought land or good in Monsheim and Erbesheim in the middle Rhein Reich’s Calvary. However, they lived in Baden and other places in Prussia.

In the Grandduchy the nobility possessed Wieblingen with the castle and central offices in Heidelberg. Thy could elect and be elected from the area of the Marg (1869). This possession was inherited from Baron von Vulte. Now they could take the name von Vulte.

Family Coat of Arms

In blue and silver a tin tower with three windows. Above as a sign of the younger life three red parts of a collar. The jewel had a silver dog with a gold necklace. The cover was blue and silver. The coat of arms was decorated with silver and blue; the middle shield had 3 gold fleur de lis. I and IV have a bull’s head and II and III have 3 red balls over the tower. Jewels: 2 helmets with crowns. One silver and blue and separated horns between them and a bull’s head. The line in Prussia, according the Tyroff Prussian Coat of Arms book, has one of sliver and blue above the divided horns. Cover: right silver and left blue-silver.

Family Coat of Arms