Humanities Division

From Shakespeare to Aristotle, to performing arts and political theory, research in the humanities answers some of life's most profound questions.

Humanities Division

Since the beginning of time, people from around the world have used literature, religion, art and history to interpret the human experience. Who are we? What is our place in life? And how can we use our experience to make a positive impact? 

As a student at La Roche College, you'll examine all of these questions. With a great number of diverse disciplines, the Humanities Division offers a wide range of fields for you to discover and experience. 

Our faculty of acclaimed scholars, researchers and writers will challenge you on a daily basis. Through rigorous coursework and deep discussion, you'll learn how to read and write, analyze and articulate, and act as a critical and creative thinker. 

No matter your field of study, you'll prepare for a meaningful career. If you're ready to turn thought into action, this division provides a pathway for you to make your contribution to a global society.