Management Division

Management Division

  • Business Group (Undergraduate)
    • Accounting (BS)
    • Finance (BS)
    • International Management (BS)
    • Management (BS)
    • Management (BA)*
    • Management Information Systems (BS)
    • Marketing (BS) 
  • Business Group (Graduate)
    • Accounting (MS)
    • Human Resources Management (MS)*
    • Information Systems (MS)*
  • Applied Studies (Undergraduate)
    • Leadership (BS)
    • Professional Studies (BS)
  • Information Systems & Technology (Undergraduate)
    • Information Technology (BS)
The Business Group includes undergraduate programs in Accounting, Finance, International Management, Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing and graduate programs in Accounting, Human Resources Management and Information Systems.  They are accredited through the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, a leading specialized accreditation association for business education.  Programs with an asterisk (*) are pending ACBSP accreditation.  Programs in Applied Studies and Information Systems and Technology are not structured to be part of the Business Group and therefore are not part of the ACBSP accreditation.      

Management Division Mission Statement

The Management Division at La Roche College focuses on building key competencies to enable students to achieve academic and professional success.   This is accomplished through offering excellent instruction, using a curriculum that meets stringent disciplinary standards, and creating an interdisciplinary learning environment that combines real world insight with management skills and technology.  By empowering our students to think critically, act ethically and grow professionally they will be prepared for success in their chosen careers enabling them to become lifelong learners and just leaders in today’s global economy. 

Business Group Mission Statement

The Business Group at La Roche College fosters a high standard of academic rigor and engagement, professionalism and creativity among the community of scholars who have selected Business as their discipline of study.  Students acquire proficiency in all traditional core areas of Business Management as well as in their selected area of focus: Accounting, Finance, International Management, Management, Management Information Systems and Marketing.  The Business Group incorporates an interdisciplinary perspective through its professional and liberal education leading to successful, just leaders within a constantly changing global society.

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At La Roche

  • You'll gain all of these qualities and more through La Roche College's business programs. We look at business from an ethical and legal standpoint to prepare you for the demands of a competitive workforce.
  • Through real-world application and professional development, we prepare you to enter the workforce as an experienced, knowledgeable and accountable professional. 
  • Succeeding in today's global marketplace requires a competitive edge and an ability to adapt, think critically and understand business on a local, national and global level.