Core Curriculum

La Roche College Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum is the liberal arts foundation of a La Roche College education. As students progress through a diverse yet coordinated succession of Core courses, they are challenged to develop the fundamental proficiencies necessary for success in any field of study:

  • to read, write, think, and act critically and creatively in diverse areas of intellectual inquiry;
  • to explore within interdisciplinary settings the individual, local, and global contexts in which they live;
  • to develop standards of ethical belief and behavior in their academic and personal lives.

As such, the Core prepares students to participate intellectually, ethically, creatively, and spiritually within their communities, professions, and world.

Upon successful completion of the Core, students are expected to demonstrate the following characteristics, in addition to the learning outcomes described for each component and the component courses of the curriculum.

  • Competence in the fundamental activities necessary for success in any field of study.
  • The power to pose academic questions in areas of intellectual inquiry outside the student's major field of study, and to draw on the principles, methodologies, and resources native to those areas in addressing these questions.
  • The ability to recognize the complex, interdisciplinary nature of knowledge as it is generated in the world today, and the corresponding ability to approach issues from a variety of perspectives and with a variety of analytical tools.
  • The imaginative capacity to conceptualize the interrelationships between local and global communities, and the moral capacity to act on that awareness to further freedom, peace, justice, and well-being for all the world's people.
  • The conviction that academic study is infused with ethical choices and concerns, and the courage to promote ethical beliefs and behavior in their academic and personal lives.

The La Roche College Core Curriculum consists of the following components:

I. The La Roche Experience (4 credits)  - The La Roche Experience is composed of four one-credit courses taken over four semesters. The course emphasizes the history of La Roche College and introduces students to issues in diversity and discrimination, regions of conflict and economic justice. Associate degree students, degree completion students and adult learners are exempt from this requirement.

II. Fundamental Skills (12 credits)  - These courses provide a foundation of skills for lifelong learning, including writing, mathematics, analytical thinking, problem solving, computer applications, information literacy and basic knowledge of a foreign language.

  • ENGL 1011 - College Writing: Exposition I
  • ENGL 1012 - College Writing: Exposition II
  • MATH 1010 - College Algebra (minimum math requirement for credit toward degree)
  • ISTC 1005 - Practical Computer Applications

Foreign Language - Students must complete at least one introductory-level foreign language course if they have not taken a language in high school. Associate degree students, degree completion students and adult learners are exempt from the foreign language requirement.

III. Select Courses  - These courses emphasize broad-based, liberal education and challenge students to explore the principles, methodologies and resources within areas of intellectual inquiry outside their major field of study. Twelve (12) - fifteen (15) credits are required, including study within each of the following domains:

  • History
  • Science
  • Literature
  • Social and Cultural Systems
  • Religion or Philosophy
  • Aesthetics

Students can fulfill six domains with four courses because: 1) some courses may investigate two domains and will thus carry the designation (SLDD); 2) students may fulfill a domain requirement through courses taken in their major or minor, e.g., a literature major or minor would necessarily have in-depth study of the principles of literature.

Community Courses and Global Courses (6 credits):

  • COMM - Community Courses
  • GLBL - Global Courses

These courses emphasize the integration of knowledge and the interconnections between the local and the global. Students are required to take one Community course and one Global course. For students in majors that do not require a language in the major, two courses of the same foreign language will fulfill the Community/Global requirement.