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Peer Counseling Program

One of the core components of the Providence Institute is peer counseling. Every incoming PI Candidate will be assigned a peer counselor at the start of the Summer Program. Assignments are arranged on a compatibility basis.

Students are required to work with their peer counselor throughout the course of the academic year during study hall sessions, group activities, academic workshops and evaluation meetings. 

Peer counselors will...

  • Provide immediate, pro-active support for their assigned students
  • Assist with the transition of PI students from high school to college
  • Promote academic excellence
  • Encourage the development of positive relationships with students, faculty and staff
  • Offer knowledge about campus services and resources
  • Foster self-confidence so that PI students become more independent 
  • Empower PI students by modeling the study, organizational and personal skills needed for success
  • Be a consistent and reliable source of structure and motivation

Meet the 21-22 PI Peer Counselors!
Liza Perdomo Alvarez

Liza Perdomo Alvarez

Major: Psychology

About Liza: I enjoy reading, singing, and meeting new people. I am excited to work with you this year.


Tashai Thompson

Tashai Thompson

Major: International Studies and Sociology

About Tashai: I am from Jamaica, so my favorite things are dancing, listening to music, and putting a smile on everyone’s face. I am the Executive Vice President of SGA for 2021-22 semester. I am a proud member of the Women’s Lacrosse team. I look forward to working with you.