Computer Purchases

Computer Purchases

Most majors, except those explicitly listed here, are not required to own a computer; however, having a computer is often helpful. We recommend that you make a purchase if you deem it beneficial. Most students will be comfortable with and benefit from a Windows laptop or desktop, but if you are more familiar with Apple computers, you should have no problem using an Apple computer with our campus technology.  There may be certain technology-related classes however, due to instructor requirements, that you may not be able to use an Apple computer.

The computers in the library can always be used for assignments.

If you would like to purchase your own Windows or Apple computer, we suggest following these minimum requirements as a guideline.

Educational pricing on computer systems is available from many computer vendors. You should always inquire whether a vendor has an educational pricing program before committing to a purchase.

Dell Inc., offers students, faculty and staff discounts via the following link:  Apple offers educational pricing via the following link:  If you prefer to purchase a computer from a store, be sure to ask if they offer an educational discount.