Planning Your Trip

Planning Your Trip

The La Roche College Study Abroad Program was designed to assist you with all aspects of your experience abroad. We strongly suggest that you start to plan early (at least 1 year in advance!!) for your trip. The first steps in planning your trip are listed below:

  1. After you have looked over the information on study abroad opportunities available to you, make an appointment to meet with Nicole Gable in Bold Hall 202 or at extension 1022. During your meeting, you will have the chance to ask questions and learn about the application process. 

  2. Apply for your passport well in advance of your departure date. You can do this at any of the following locations: Your local Post Office
    • The County Courthouse in Pittsburgh (on Grant Street)
    • Download an application a
  3. Submit your complete application to the Study Abroad Office, prior to applying to your desired Study Abroad Program. 



      While you're away...

      We would like to keep in contact with you while you're gone. Please send a postcard to Nicole Gable at the address below or send an email to  Stay in touch while you're away!

      La Roche College
      9000 Babcock Blvd,
      Pittsburgh, PA 15237