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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If I do not have grade report, can I still apply for admission and be considered for scholarship money? 

  • Yes. Students without a grade report should submit a thorough portfolio that represents their high school academic career. (See home school Admissions Criteria) The materials are reviewed for an admissions decision and scholarship money is offered based on academic performance and achievement.

How important are SAT scores for admission? 

  • SAT scores are one component used in admissions to determine the scholastic ability of a student. It is considered in association with the students established academic achievements.

Will my extracurricular activities be considered? 

  • Yes. Extracurricular activities are always considered in the admissions decision. It does not matter whether these activities are school sponsored or community based.

If my parent is my teacher, is it acceptable to submit a parental recommendation?

  • Parents' recommendations are welcomed, but we also want two other letters of recommendation. One should be from the director, teacher or an employer; the second teacher, activity moderator, coach, or any adult (non-relative) who knows you well and can attest to your character and abilities.

I've taken courses at a Community College; will La Roche University accept the credits?

  • La Roche University will typically accept the credits if they meet the following criteria:
    • A grade of "C" or better
    • Course content is similar
    • Same amount of course credit
    • Credits must be from a accredited institution 

Will La Roche University accept AP or CLEP exam scores?

  • AP scores of 3 or higher will usually be accepted for credit. Passing scores on the CLEP exam typically will also be accepted for college credit

As a home schooled student, will I be eligible for Financial Aid? 

  • Home schooled students that are accepted at La Roche University can apply for all federal, state, and institutional aid and will be evaluated in the same way as a traditional high school student. However, according to state law, Pennsylvania students without a recognized diploma or a GED will not be eligible for state grant money. (Students from other states may want to check the Board of Education to inquire about their own state grant laws) 

What is the Religious atmosphere like at La Roche University ? 

  • La Roche University promotes a respect of faith and religion and recognizes the rich religious diversity of our students, faculty and staff. Because of the Roman Catholic Heritage of the college, the Campus Ministry Office provides the opportunity for Catholic Liturgical Services as well as the celebration of ecumenical services throughout the year. The Campus Ministry Office assists students of other faiths in identifying local communities where students can share in common worship. Additionally, students of other religious traditions are invited and encouraged to participate in the planning and promotion of worship on our campus. The Campus Ministry Office seeks to build upon the spirit of community among the students, faculty and staff through prayer, service and worship.