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Prof. Dev. Series: Winning Managers Connect-the-Dots: Goals, Feedback, Coaching and Development

Ryan Room, Zappala Center
Monday, October 15, 2018
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Photo of Bill Thomas
Bill Thomas

Managing Principal
Centric Performance, LLC   

2 HRCI Credits - General
2 SHRM Credits 

By now most HR leaders are well tuned-in to the key trends that have been occurring in performance management practices across the country. Out with the annual reviews, in with the Check-Ins. Look more forward and less backward. Replace evaluative conversations with developmental ones. Adapt a collaborative and agile approach to setting goals and expectations. Strike a more effective balance between managing and coaching. 

This session looks at several different organizations that are at various stages of transforming their performance management philosophies, processes and practices. It will share the specific steps being taken to replace annual reviews and/or performance ratings by forging a more effective and connected approach to goal setting, feedback, coaching and development. It will highlight the key role today’s managers can play in optimizing employee success and growth.

Preregistration is strongly encouraged for this popular series. The cost of admission is $15 per person.