The La Roche Experience

The La Roche Experience

While many colleges strive to be the best in the world, La Roche College focuses on being the best for the world.

The La Roche Experience (LRX) shows you how to use your education to make a positive difference. A required sequence of courses for all traditional freshmen, sophomore and juniors, LRX helps you to reach your goals, meet new people and enjoy new experiences. 

What Will You Learn?

LRX introduces you to the history of the College, our Catholic heritage and our founders, the Sisters of Divine Providence. By understanding the principles of peace and justice, you'll understand your role in a larger community, which prepares you to easily step into today's competitive, global marketplace.

LRX Activities

  • Service learning and community service experiences

  • Value-based simulations

  • Spiritual self-exploration and reflective journal exercises

  • College-wide seminars focusing on global issues, such as: diversity and discrimination, conflict prevention and issues of economic justice  


Core Components

You and your generation will serve as leaders in the future, and we've designed the LRX Program with that in mind. Your LRX classes will focus on the United Nations Millennium Develop Goals, which were established to help the world focus on improvements in:

  • Education
  • Hunger
  • Equality
  • Child mortality
  • Maternal health
  • Disease prevention
  • Environmental sustainability

During your time at La Roche, you will take four one-credit courses that focus on:

  • Introduction & Orientation to La Roche
  • College and the Sisters of Divine Providence
  • Diversity/Discrimination
  • Regions of Conflict
  • Economic Justice

Each course requires that you read  some materials; watch a video or film and be prepared to discuss it; perform a service learning task; evaluate ways to explore spirituality; and become involved in simulation exercises related to the course topic.

College Preparation

Academically, we'll help to prepare you  for collegiate-level coursework, which  is especially important during your initial months at the college.

You will be assigned an academic adviser, who will help you on your journey toward graduation and a successful career. We encourage you to make the most of your time with this resource.

Your adviser helps you develop a personal college plan and also helps you have a fuller college experience. Remember: 75 percent of the time you spend at college occurs outside the classroom. Your adviser can help you find things that interest you and will fulfill your personal college plan.

Mission Entrepreneurship and Student Action

Every fall students from The La Roche Experience participate in Mission Entrepreneurship and Student Action (MESA), and explore issues related to poverty and opportunity.

Through MESA, students discover how they can make a positive change in another person’s life. Students accomplish this, which allows them to provide microloans of up to $300 to individuals or groups in Mexico.

Kiva is an organization that alleviates poverty by connecting leaders in the developed world with entrepreneurs in the developing worlds. The organization lends millions of dollars every week to entrepreneurs and benefits thousands of communities. Through Kiva, individuals can lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world.

LRX students have provided loans to several groups and individuals, including: Mexican peasants and heads of family who live in remote houses without electricity; a store-owner who needed to increase his stock; and a mother who sought a loan for her son’s periodontal surgery.

As loans are repaid, they are credited to La Roche’s Kiva account. Each year the College will be able to provide funds for additional applicants.