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Sexual Assault

Identifying and Reporting Sexual Misconduct

What is Prohibited? (PDF)

File a Sexual Misconduct Report (PDF)

What is Sexual Assault?

Rape is not the only form of sexual assault. In fact, sexual assault can include unwanted kissing and fondling, and does not have to include force. Any sexual activity that is non-consensual is considered a form of sexual assault.

Forms of Sexual Assault

No means no. According to Pennsylvania State law, sexual assault is non-forcible but nonconsensual sexual intercourse or attempted sexual intercourse.

  • Rape: Nonconsensual sexual intercourse or attempted sexual intercourse by force or threat of force. Rape also includes having sexual intercourse with someone unable to give consent.
  • Indecent Assault: Unwanted sexual contact. Examples include undesired kissing, touching and fondling.

Victim Aftermath

Victims of sexual assault can suffer many physical and/or emotional consequences including:

  • Sleep disturbances
  •  Flashbacks
  •  Inability to concentrate
  •  Intense fear for safety
  •  Guilt
  •  Anxiety
  •  Stress
  •  Headaches
  •  Digestive problems

La Roche University is in Compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 

La Roche University is a community of people dedicated to academic achievement and personal development. The University endorses and supports values developed in the Catholic tradition and recognizes that the community living on campus demands commonly accepted standards of conduct.

In compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and other applicable laws, La Roche University prohibits sex discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and any other type of sexual misconduct.

La Roche can assist students with medical assistance, advocacy and support services, and housing or academic accommodations. Employees who have knowledge of any form of sexual misconduct that occurs on our campus or that involves any employee, student or guest, are required to report the incident immediately.

Any employee who believes she or he is a victim of sexual misconduct should bring the matter to the attention of her/his supervisor or the associate vice president for human resources.

La Roche University Sexual Assault Victims Bill of Rights

La Roche University understands the trauma connected with being a victim of sexual violence and is committed to confidentiality and assistance. Victims of campus-related sexual assaults shall be accorded the following rights:

The right to be treated with dignity.

The right to report an act of sexual violence to the Title IX coordinator, Public Safety, and local law enforcement agencies.

The right to have sexual assaults committed against them investigated and adjudicated by the University.

The right to be free from any kind of pressure from campus personnel to not report crimes.

The right to assistance or ability to have others present in any campus disciplinary proceeding.

The right to be notified of the outcome of a disciplinary proceeding resulting from a complaint of sexual assault.

The right to be made aware of and assisted in exercising any options with regard to reporting the assault to local police authorities and to seek medical attention.

The right to counseling from La Roche’s counseling department or from other local victim service entities such as Pittsburgh Action Against Rape (PAAR). 

The right to require the campus personnel take necessary steps to prevent any unnecessary or unwanted contact or proximity with alleged assailants, including housing and/or academic accommodations and no contact orders. The victim has the right to obtain an order of protection, restraining order or similar lawful orders issued by a court or enforce an order already in existence. 

Any student who believes she or he has been a victim of sexual misconduct or knows of a sexual assault may contact any one of these support services:

McCandless Police911
Pittsburgh Action Against Rape1-866-END-RAPE
Public Safety412-536-1111
Counseling Services412-918-6372
Resident AssistantOn duty
Title IX Coordinator and Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students
– Colleen Ruefle
Director of Public Safety – Mark Wilcox412-536-1104
Director of Counseling Services – Erin Dorsch412-847-2506
Director of Residence Life – Ashley Testa412-536-1194

For additional information, visit the policies and procedures page on the College’s intranet. Inquiries also may be referred to the Office of Civil Rights, United States Department of Education at 800-421-3481

For more information and other resources and options regarding sexual assault, contact Pittsburgh Action Against Rape (PAAR) by calling 1-866-END-RAPE or 412-363-7273 (available 24 hrs)

Note: You can download this information in PDF format by clicking the red box below.

Resolve Crisis Network: 1.888.7.YOU CAN (1.888.796.8226)

Futures without Violence:

Guide to Reporting Sexual Assault at La Roche University (PDF)