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Career Outcome Information

Class Year (All Cohorts)

# of Grads   # Known   KR %*       Career Outcomes %    Salary Mean
Class of 2018          
LRU-1 Year Post Graduation 378 292 77.25% 93.84% $56,656
National-2018 1 Year out in Dec. 2019     64.80% 85.70% $51,034
Class of 2017          
LRU-1 Year Post Graduation 376 264 70.21% 93.92% $53,111
National-1 Year Post Graduation     64.50% 84.40% $50,253
Class of 2016          
LRU-1 Year Post Graduation 364 216 59.34% 92.59% $40,762
National-1 Year Post Graduation     63.20% 83% $50,000

# Status Known

The number of graduates for whom career outcome information is known.


The percentage of graduates for whom career outcome is known.

Career Outcomes %  

The percentage of graduates who are employed, in volunteer or military service, or enrolled in continuing education.

Salary Mean

Average salary of full-time employed graduates receiving a salary.

Graduation "Class of …"                

Graduation classes are determined by the academic year inclusive of the cohorts of graduates from May of that year, the previous December and August. Ex. Class of 2019, December 2018 and August 2018 graduates.

1 Year Post-Graduation

1 Year post-graduation refers to the date the final data is reported. LRU reports annual data in May-one year post the May graduation for the referenced year. Ex: Outcome status data for the Class of 2918 is reported in Mat 2019.


* La Roche University adheres to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) standardized best practices of First Destination data collection.
* National Data is reflective of the annual NACE First Destination College Findings and Analysis Report.
* Career outcome data sources include: self-completed surveys; collaboration (faculty, staff, parents, employers); social media searches; calling campaigns.