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Coronavirus Updates

The University will continue to update the campus community as new and relevant information or policy developments arise.

Important Message Regarding Week of Thanksgiving

November 18, 2020

Dear Students:

We are seeing an alarming rise in the number of coronavirus cases in Allegheny County. While the cumulative number of cases in the La Roche community remains very low (8), we believe the prudent course of action is to safeguard the community from additional intrusion.

Therefore, all face-to-face courses that can be moved to virtual formats will be moved to remote Zoom instruction next week, Monday, November 23rd and Tuesday, November 24th. There are a handful of courses that cannot be taught remotely and will remain as in-person classes. Please consult with your faculty to determine if your course is one of these classes.

Virtual formats will allow students and faculty the ability to work from their home/residence hall room, and limit movement to and from campus.

The University will remain open next week and during the all remote finals week. Resident students may remain in the residence halls until November 25th at 5 p.m. Students who need to stay longer should contact the Residence Life office. The cafeteria, library, fitness center and administrative offices will be open during their already scheduled business hours. Students should continue to wear masks, limit their interactions and maintain healthy distances with others on campus at all times.

As we near the close of the semester, please know that we have gotten this far without having an outbreak because everyone worked hard to keep each other safe. Thank you for your cooperation and your hard work. Good luck with your final exams!


Howard IshiyamaDr. Howard Ishiyama
Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs