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Caitlyn Miocic '21

Meet Caitlyn Miocic ’21. A graduate of the Exercise & Sports Science program, Ms. Miocic was a member of the women’s soccer team. After completing a strength and conditioning coaching internship with Daman’s Strength Training, she joined the staff as a strength coach.

What did you like most about majoring in Exercise & Sports Science?

I liked the hands-on experience. Being in the exercise lab, running tests and experiencing it ourselves was so much fun. I worked with the same group of people for four years, so I got to know them well.

What did soccer add to your college experience?

Playing soccer allowed me to meet some of my best friends and make great memories. One of the best memories was when I was on the field with some of my teammates, practicing long balls/corners and receiving them. Former Coach David Day was up there and hopped into our drill, then other members of the men’s team hopped in too. That day was just about people who love soccer, just playing. No coaching, no instruction—just soccer.

Describe the bond you had with your teammates.

Everyone pushed each other to be the best they can be. Although I was injured the past couple of seasons, my team always motivated me to come back stronger. I worked with a lot of great people at La Roche who taught me new skills, pushed me out of my comfort zone, made me work harder and helped me become a better player.

Proudest moment at LRU and why:

My proudest moment at LRU was when my coach asked me to train and do workouts for my team in the off season. The summer before my junior year, I completed an internship as a strength coach at Daman’s Strength Training, a gym that I also trained at for eight years. Coach Miguel Lozano knew I had done this, and he asked if I would “coach” the team through a strength and conditioning program.

I designed workouts with the help of my boss and took them through the same training style as I would when coaching at the gym. Coach Miguel allowing me to do this showed that he trusted me and my ability to train people. It gave me a lot of experience in finding my coaching style as well.

Before COVID hit, I was in the weight room for hours every day, training the girls and working out myself. I loved it. I would have never been able to do this if it were not for Daman’s guiding me and allowing me to experience the coaching side of the gym.

How would you describe La Roche to someone who isn’t a student yet?

The campus is small, so you’ll get to know people right away. The small class sizes are nice because you really get to know your professors and advisors. I also suggest getting involved on campus, whether it’s by playing a sport or joining a club.

What are your goals now that you graduated?

I plan to continue working at Daman’s Strength Training as a strength coach while pursuing my Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification. I also plan to attend graduate school at California University of Pennsylvania to earn a Master of Science in Research Exercise Science and Health Promotions, with a concentration in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention/Rehabilitation Sciences.