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Are you Redhawk Ready for life after La Roche?

Your career-readiness plan helps you to recognize, develop and showcase the industry-specific professional competencies needed in the workforce, including:

  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Critical thinking/analytical reasoning
  • Ethical judgement and decision-making
  • The ability to work effectively independently and in teams
  • Self-motivation, initiative
  • Application of knowledge/skills to real-world settings

Employers value specific learning priorities that are integral in the workplace. Hiring managers of interns and entry-level talent expect candidates to possess specific soft skills and digital technology proficiencies. Although a liberal arts education typically results in these learning outcomes, employers want to see evidence that college graduates demonstrate a mastery of these skills.

La Roche University encourages you to engage in co-curricular activities to develop the core competencies that employers in your industry seek. The Office of Career Development assist you in identifying the activities that align with competency development and help you showcase your proficiency attainment as part of your professional brand.

Career Competencies

    Collaboration & Teamwork
    A graphic representing collaboration and teamwork.
    Build and maintain relationships with others to achieve common goals. Demonstrate respect and appreciate diversity.
    Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
    A graphic representing critical thinking and problem solving.
    Exercise logic, reason and analytical skills to solve problems and make decisions using information, data, facts and knowledge.
    Career Management
    A graphic representing career management.
    Showcase professional credentials and take advantage of opportunities for professional development.
    Digital Technology
    A graphic representing Digital Technology.
    Demonstrate an ability to learn and effectively utilize industry-specific technology.
    A graphic representing leadership.
    Leverage the strengths of others to achieve common goals.
    A graphic representing communication.
    Articulate ideas and thoughts clearly and effectively in written and oral forms.
    Professionalism & Work Ethic
    A graphic representing professionalism and work ethic.
    Demonstrate personal accountability, effective work habits and integrity. 
    Global & Cultural Awareness
    A graphic representing global and cultural awareness.
    Value, respect and learn from diverse cultures and people.

    Your Professional Career Plan

    Freshman/Sophomore Years

    • Complete the Career Development I course.
    • Create a FOCUS2 account to guide you through academic and career planning.
    • Discover your VIPS: values, interests, personality and skills.
    • Seek career advice to explore your academic and career options: majors, minors and career goals.
    • Learn about academic pathways in your major by participating in shadowing experiences and researching your industry job market.
    • Find your occupational fit by networking with professionals and conducting informational interviews.
    • Join an academically focused club or organization.
    • Create a LinkedIn profile to grow your professional network and build your professional brand. 
    • Connect with the Office of Career Development by joining the LinkedIn La Roche Career Development Group, and by following us on Facebook and Twitter.
    • Attend the Career Development Internship Panel discussion to learn how an internship adds value to your employability and professional development. 
    • Discover your niche by participating in real-world situations.
    • Connect with industry professionals who can contribute to your professional pursuits and guide you to additional employment opportunities.
    • Gain experience using industry-specific technologies and developing required skills in your field
    • Track your career-oriented experiences and activities.
    • Create the template for your professional resume. 

    Junior/Senior Years

    • Take the Career Development II course or a career-oriented course offered in your major.
    • Enhance and develop your professional resume.
    • Build a professional wardrobe, including an interview suit.
    • Download the La Roche Events App, or go to Presence to find career-oriented events and employer engagement opportunities.
    • Leverage your social media accounts to enhance your professional image and expand your professional network.
    • Practice interviewing using the mock interview services through the Office of Career Development. 
    • Visit the Office of Career Development for assistance in making decisions and taking action to become a qualified professional for your industry.