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Mission and Identity

La Roche University stands firm in its mission and core values of inclusivity, integrity, determination, compassion, inspiration, justice and peace.

Mission Statement

La Roche University, a Catholic institution of higher learning, founded and sponsored by the Congregation of the Sisters of Divine Providence, fosters global citizenship and creates a community of scholars from the region, the nation and around the world. The University integrates liberal arts and professional education in creative ways, empowering all members of our community to become lifelong learners, achieve success in their chosen careers and promote justice and peace in a constantly changing global society.

Identity and Core Values

Committed to our Catholic identity and relationship with our founders, the Sisters of Divine Providence, La Roche University’s foundational values are reflective of a compassionate academic community.

  • Inclusiveness: We are an inclusive community that seeks to understand, respect and include all.
  • Integrity: We are a community that values honesty, ethical behavior and doing what is right, even if it is not popular or if no one is watching.
  • Determination: We are a community founded through the determination shown by the Sisters of Divine Providence. We seek to exemplify this core value, to steadfastly thrive even when facing the most difficult of odds.
  • Compassion: We are a community that gives personal attention to its students and extends compassion and kindness to all.
  • Inspiration: We are a compassionate community, but also one that challenges and inspires our students to be the best that they can be, to be the best for the world.
  • Justice and Peace: we are a community that strives to promote peace and justice for all, but especially those who need it most.