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Global Identity

Characterized by academic programming that addresses the changing needs of our nation and world, LRU attracts a student body with a strong international presence.

Nearly 21 percent of the student population at La Roche University is international, with 57 countries represented. 

Our commitment to international education is based on a mission statement that clearly articulates a strong global commitment and dedication to peace and justice.

With these values at the core of who we are, we continue to seek and implement new and innovative strategies that are rooted in that mission.

International Outreach

Study Abroad+Study USA: A signature study abroad program offering short-term travel courses as part of the La Roche experience.

International AdmissionsLRU welcomes students of all ethnicities, nationalities, religions and backgrounds.

International Student Services: This office is the primary resource for international students once they enroll at LRU.

Pacem In Terris Institute: Established in 1993 the Pacem In Terris Institute brings students from war-torn and developing nations to study at La Roche.

English as a Second Language: This comprehensive academic ESL program is for non-native students seeking to prepare for undergraduate or graduate school.

Pathway Program: This program allows undergraduate international application who do not meet English proficiency requirements to take ESL courses, possibly for credit.

Quainton Center for Global Engagement

The Quainton Center for Global Engagement at La Roche facilitates a greater connection between American and international students and scholars.

Throughout the year the Center offers various on-campus activities, lectures and globally focused programming to heighten the cultural awareness and sensibilities of the community. Annual programs include:

The Center honors the La Roche mission statement by sharing a dedication to international education and promoting an inclusive environment where the campus community as a whole can examine current events and topics facing today’s global society.

The Center was named in honor of Ambassador Anthony C.E. Quainton and Susan Long Quainton, two longtime supporters of the University. The Quaintons served on the La Roche Board of Trustees from 2007 to 2019.

Ambassador Quainton was diplomat-in-residence and a professor of U.S. foreign policy. He previously served in the United States Foreign Service and held ambassadorships to the Central African Republic, Nicaragua, Kuwait and Peru.

Ms. Quainton is a retired teacher. She has served as the director of After School Tutoring for Hispanic Elementary Education, and she holds a Master of Arts from St. Hilda’s College in Oxford, England.