Honors Institute

Honors Institute

Where Great Minds Meet

Designed to recognize and promote academic excellence, the Honors Institute at La College focuses on academically gifted students.

The program couples classroom learning with co-curricular activities and offers the opportunity for exemplary students to strive for even greater academic achievement. 

Admission to the Honors Institute

Qualifying candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum GPA of 3.5 (on a scale of 4.0) in a high school college preparatory program
  • A minimum SAT score of 1100 (cumulative math and verbal) if taken prior to March 2016 or 1170 if taken March 2016 or later; or ACT score of 24

A Strong Community of Students

The Honors Institute allows students to encourage each other while achieving their academic goals and sharing life outside of the classroom. Together, Honors students experience social and cultural activities and enjoy the region's rich offerings of arts, cultural, industry and entertainment. The College's general programs and activities also will be available to Honors students, which will set the framework for a rewarding college experience.

Achievement in the Classroom

The challenging Honors Institute courses are designed by La Roche College's most prestigious faculty members who are experts in their fields of study. Handpicked by the heads of their respective departments, faculty members within the Honors Institute will challenge students and encourage them to broaden their views of the world.

Growing Within the Honors Institute

Each year within the Honors Institute offers new and exciting ways for students to challenge themselves inside and outside of the classroom. In a community integrative course, students apply their classroom learning to a project based on a local community studies experience. Programming for Honors students culminates in an in-depth research project relating to a subject of interest within the student's field of study.

Preparing for the Future

Once you successfully complete the Honors Institute program, you may decide to continue your education or embark on the journey to a distinguished career. Either way, you will be prepared. Our aim is to assist you with your goals and to help you achieve academically, push yourself to the limit, gain experience and build friendships. Upon completion of the program, you will join a class of alumni who are leaders in their professions and communities.

Pittsburgh: A City Within Reach

La Roche College, situated in Pittsburgh's northern suburbs, is nearby to an abundance of internships and other learning opportunities in downtown Pittsburgh. Students can explore Pittsburgh's rich cultural district or experience the exciting match-ups of one of the city's three professional sports teams. The city also offers retail shopping, excellent meals, beautiful parks and impressive nightlife.

La Roche Heritage: Ad Lucem Per Amorem

La Roche College's motto, Ad Lucem Per Amorem (To Light Through Love), is a reminder of the College's Catholic heritage and the common bond that ties the campus community together.

Founded by the Sisters of Divine Providence in 1963, La Roche College originally served as an institution of higher learning for women preparing to enter religious life. Decades ago, the College began to enroll young men and women who shared the College's mission and vision.  Students from around the world add to the campus through their own forms of religion and spirituality. All are welcome, all are recognized.