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Resources & Services

La Roche University is committed to providing its resident community with a positive experience.

The information below offers a helpful guide to the various services and resources you'll use as resident student at LRU. Select each dropdown button below for more details.


  • Meal Plans
    All resident students are required to purchase a meal plan for the year. Commuter students can purchase an optional meal plan by the semester or use a Hawk Dollar Debit Plan.

    Meal Plan Options
    Red Hawk Meal Plan - Mandatory for all freshmen
    19 meals per week and $120 in Hawk dollars
    Cost: $2,434 per semester

    Providence Meal Plan
    Six meals per week and $580 in Hawk dollars
    Cost: $2,302 per semester

    Kettler Meal Plan
    10 meals a week and $175 in Hawk dollars
    Cost: $2,123 per semester

    Your student ID card functions as a meal card and Hawk Dollar debit card. If your card is lost or stolen, immediately contact Public Safety at 412-536-1176.
  • Laundry
    Free laundry facilities are located on the lower level of each residence hall. Each laundry room is equipped with washers and dryers.
  • Mail Services
    An individual mailbox and key are provided for each resident student for their personal/University mail on the day of Orientation. The mailbox issued to the student will remain theirs the entire time they attend La Roche.

    Each resident student must complete a “Key Requisition” card after which a mailbox and key will be given to them. Resident students are not permitted to share their mailbox or key with any person for any reason. This is a security violation, and the University will not be responsible if the student violates this policy.

    Resident student mailboxes are located in the lower level of Wright Library on the main campus. Mail is placed in the boxes daily Monday through Friday and can be picked up after 1:30 p.m.

    Student mailboxes are accessible 24-hours a day. Students are responsible for checking their own mailbox.

    The mail center provides mail services for students wishing to mail letters, cards, packages, etc. All rates would be the same as the current USPS rate. Payment can be made with cash or check; no debit/credit cards accepted.
  • Maintenance
    Students can submit their own work requests for non-emergency maintenance concerns, or they can report these concerns directly to an RA. In order to facilitate a response to these concerns, they should be reported as early in the day as possible.

    Emergency concerns should be reported immediately to the RA on duty, who will then contact the appropriate personnel. If the emergency occurs during office hours, you may contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life directly.
  • Internet/Cable

    La Roche partners with Comcast Xfinity to provide managed wireless Internet and video streaming services within all residence halls, for all resident students on campus. Each residence hall room has a wireless access point which will provide speeds of 200Mbps up and down on up to 6 devices per student, per room.

    La Roche offers cable television services through an IPTV streaming system. To take advantage of the video streaming services, resident students must use the same credentials they use to access the WiFi for their video. Simply download the Xfinity Stream App on a mobile device, Apple TV, Roku, Firestick, or Chromecast and enter your Xfinity username and password. 

    In some cases, smart televisions such as Samsung and LG have the application available for download directly onto newer televisions. In addition, residents also have access to millions of Xfinity hotspots across the country throughout the duration of their time living on campus.

    Each resident student will be inputted into the Xfinity system upon arrival to campus for the academic year. Once inputted into the system, students will be provided with their own individual Service Set IDentifer (SSID) within their specific residence hall room assignment. To receive this SSID information, students will need to check their La Roche email for a Welcome Email sent directly by Xfinity.

    • Once you receive the Welcome Email, click Get Started.
    • Do this while in your room so you can connect to your SSID.
    • Follow the signup instructions.
    • Once signup is completed, a secondary email will arrive containing your username and password.
    • This will identify your room SSID to connect to, username and password.
    • It will identify the Guest Network.
    • It will identify the Roaming Network and Password.
    • It will have a place to connect if you want to add a device such as a printer, gaming system, television, etc.


    Available WiFi Networks

    These networks are available only in the residence halls and cannot be accessed from outside the buildings. There are three different SSID’s that you can connect to:


    Room # SSID – (ex. Bold – 123) – This is a unique WiFi SSID associated with each room. Each resident of the room will have an individual SSID. Students can add devices such as tablets, printers, and televisions to this network. Instructions to add devices is provided in the welcome email sent by Xfinity. The bandwidth speed is 200Mbps both up and down.

    LaRoche Guest – This is free Internet for non-resident guests to use. The bandwidth speed is 100Mbps both up and down.

    LaRoche University WiFi – This is a roaming SSID that will allow you to remain connected as you walk throughout the residence halls. (It is not available outside the residence hall building). There is one universal password used to connect to this network which is provided in the welcome email - luwifi2021.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Many Devices can I have on my SSID account?

    Each resident student can have up to six devices connected to their individual SSID account at once.


    Is local cable television provided?

    Yes. Each resident student will have access to the Xfinity Stream App which provides access to local and national cable channels. Simply download the App onto your mobile or streaming device such as: Roku, Firestick, Chromecast or Apple TV, and connect using your Xfinity username and password.


    Can I plug an Ethernet wire into the Access Point on the wall?

    Yes, there are multiple Ethernet ports available on the Access Point on the wall. Students must provide their own Ethernet cords.


    Should I bring my own wireless router?

    No! La Roche prohibits the use of outside routers. All residence hall rooms come equipped with wireless access points that provide premium wireless Internet speeds of 200Mbps up and down. Additional routers may disrupt service for other rooms and students.


    Does Xfinity have a mobile App?

    Yes, download the free Xfinity App in your mobile applications store. This app will help you with device management, support and more.


    What if I can’t connect to the wireless service?

    Here are some steps you can take prior to calling support:


    • Make sure the cookies setting is enabled on your browser. It is common for MAC / IOS (safari) to disable them as a security feature on updates. 
    • Clear your device’s cookies/ cache and restart your browser by:
    • Internet Explorer: Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete
    • Google Chrome: Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete and click Clear Browsing Data.
    • Mozilla Firefox: Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete.
    • Safari (Mac OS): Press Cmd+Option+E.
    • Forget the network and or disconnect from the Room SSID. Confirm that you can connect successfully to the roaming and guest networks.

    If you still cannot connect, Contact Xfinity Support: 1-855-638-2855. Identify you are a La Roche University Managed WiFi Student (tip – if agent cannot find La Roche, try spelling it with the space between the La and R).

    Note: Have your room number available and the SSID you are trying to connect to identified (tip – this should be your residence hall name, floor, and room # ex. Bold 2 – 232), as well as the cellphone number you used when completing your signup process (i.e. your cellphone).

    If agent asks about video, La Roche receives IPTV Video Service over Managed WiFi. Agents may ask if it is Xfinity on Campus Video, which it is NOT.

    Who can I escalate unresolved tickets or issues to?

    For additional assistance, contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life at 412-536-1195 or


    What if I want to upgrade my Internet bandwidth or video services?

    Each student can do this on their own by calling into 1-855-638-2855