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Tax Information

La Roche University sends IRS Form 1098-T every January.

This form is for the previous year’s taxes (from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31). It gives you important information:

  • Box 1: Shows how much you paid for tuition and related expenses (QTRE) during the year.
  • Box 5: Displays the total scholarships and grants added to your student account in that year.

You or the person claiming you on their taxes might be eligible for education tax credits or deductions using this form. Having the form does not automatically mean you qualify.

La Roche staff can only help with questions about how the form was made. For tax credit eligibility details, check IRS Publication 970 or talk to a tax advisor. You can find online resources at the end of this page.

Box 1 – QTRE Paid

This box shows the QTRE paid during the year. QTRE includes payments from various sources:

  • Cash, check, electronic e-check, or credit/debit card.
  • Payments from federal or private educational loans.
  • Payments from scholarships or grants unless they are for non-qualified charges.
  • Payments from 529 and College Savings Plans.

The date a payment is applied to a qualified charge matter, not when charges are posted. Payments for qualified charges during the tax year are in Box 1. Payments for non-qualified charges are not included.

At La Roche, tuition, mandatory fees and some program fees are included in QTRE. Housing, meal plans and other non-qualified charges are not.

Box 5 – Scholarships or Grants

Box 5 shows all scholarships or grants posted to your student account in the year. It includes various types, even those covering non-qualified charges. This box helps distinguish between what counts and what doesn't.

Expenses for Books

The cost of books isn’t automatically in Box 1. Whether it’s a qualified expense depends on the specific tax credit or deduction you’re claiming. Consult a tax advisor for guidance.

Box 1 Reporting Change

Before 2018 universities reported QTRE billed in Box 2. From 2018, La Roche reports QTRE paid in Box 1. This change does not affect your eligibility for tax credits or deductions.

Box 5 – Scholarships or Grants

Box 5 includes all scholarships and grants, even those covering non-qualified charges. It helps you understand the total aid you received.

Additional Information on the Form

Boxes 4 and 6 show adjustments to QTRE and scholarship/grant amounts for prior years. Boxes 7, 8 and 9 provide details about academic periods, workload and graduate program enrollment.

Taxpayer Identification Number: SSN & ITIN

When La Roche issues Form 1098-T, it includes your Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). If missing, there might be fines from the IRS.

Information Errors on 1098-T

If your address is wrong, it does not affect your taxes. Having the correct SSN or ITIN is crucial. Follow instructions to update it in the student system.

International Students

La Roche provides Form 1098-T to international students with a valid ITIN or SSN in the student system. The IRS does not require this form for non-resident alien students.

Not Receiving a 1098-T

If you did not get a 1098-T, it might be because you did not pay QTRE during the tax year or all your charges were reversed, and money returned.

Taxpayer Resources

Contact the IRS at or 1-800-829-1040. Use online resources like IRS Publication 970 and Form 8863 for tax assistance.

For student loan interest, check Form 1098-E from Heartland ECSI. Get it online at using your Social Security Number, password, La Roche’s school code 003987  and W2. If you need help, contact Heartland ECSI on 888-549-3274.

For more on student loan interest deductions, visit the IRS Information Center under Deductions.

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