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Grants are funds provided for your education that do not need to be paid back. These awards are typically based upon financial need.

Federal Grants

Federal Pell Grant

This is the basic federal grant program for undergraduate students enrolled either full time, part time or less than part time. Eligibility is based on financial need and is awarded to students with lower expected family contributions.

Application: FAFSA
Deadline: June 30 of academic year or last day of enrollment, whichever comes first.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

This grant is available to undergraduate students enrolled at least half time (six or more credits) who are also eligible for a Federal Pell Grant. This award is based upon financial need. Funds are limited.

Application: FAFSA
Deadline: May 1

State Grants

Pennsylvania State Grants

This is a grant awarded to undergraduates who are Pennsylvania residents with financial need, as determined by the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA).

  • Students can be enrolled full time or part time (at least six credits).
  • Students must complete at least 50 percent of their coursework in the classroom. Students are not eligible for Pennsylvania state grants if more than 50 percent of their coursework is online.

PHEAA randomly selects applications for income validation and will email the student using the email address provided on the FAFSA to request the required documentation. The student must mail the additional documentation directly to the PHEAA State Grant Division in Harrisburg, PA. Failure to submit this additional documentation will delay state grant awards.

First-time recipients: Students also must complete the Pennsylvania State Grant form which contains additional information required by PHEAA. Students will receive an email from PHEAA and must complete this form online. Failure to complete this additional information will delay state grant awards.

Application: FAFSA
Deadline: May 1

Other State Grants

Other states (Connecticut, District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, Vermont and West Virginia) have grants that can be transferred to La Roche University. Contact your high school guidance counselor or your state’s higher education assistance agency for more information.

Application: FAFSA
Deadline: Varies with each state

La Roche Grants

La Roche University Grant

This is a need-based grant awarded to undergraduate, full-time students to help them meet their educational expenses. Funds are limited and not automatically renewable each year.

Application: FAFSA
Deadline: May 1

Contact the Financial Aid Office

If you need help or have questions about applying for grants, please reach out to the Office of Financial Aid: 412-536-1125 or