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Cost and Fees

For International Students

UNDERGRADUATE:SemesterAcademic Year
Tuition16,300.00 USD32,600.00 USD
Fees726.00 USD1,452.00 USD
Total17,026.00 USD34,052.00 USD
Tuition8,190.00 USD16,380.00 USD
Fees153.00 USD306.00 USD
Total8,343.00 USD16,686.00 USD
GRADUATE:SemesterAcademic Year
Tuition5,208.00 USD10,416.00 USD
Fees90.00 USD180.00 USD
Total5,298.00 USD10,596.00 USD
Tuition6,300.00 USD12,600.00 USD
Fees92.00 USD184.00 USD
* Total6,392.00 USD12,784.00 USD
LIVING EXPENSES (Resident):SemesterAcademic Year
Residence Hall4,326.00 USD8,652.00 USD
Meal Plan2,621.00 USD5,242.00 USD
Total6,947.00 USD13,894.00 USD
COMMUTER:SemesterAcademic Year
 Off-Campus*5000.00 USD 10,000.00 USD

*Off-campus expenses are ESTIMATED and serve to ensure that students are financially prepared with sufficient funds to obtain housing, food and transportation locally. Actual costs will vary greatly dependent upon specifically where a student obtains housing, food and their mode of transportation.

BOOKS** SemesterAcademic Year
Undergraduate/Graduate500.00 USD 1,000.00 USD

***Book expenses are ESTIMATED and serve to ensure that students are financially prepared with sufficient funds to obtain the required textbooks for their courses each semester.

These figures reflect the student’s average costs for an academic term of nine months as indicated on the Form I-20.

A $5,000 USD deposit is required once you receive your visa. 
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Information Regarding Health Insurance

Because of the unpredictable nature of medical emergencies, all students are strongly encouraged to be protected by a health insurance program. 

Students are responsible for acquiring and maintaining their own health insurance plans. Insurance requirements are mandated for intercollegiate athletic participation.

Listed below are common local Health Insurance options:

International students are strongly encouraged to have health insurance as health care in the United States is very expensive. Please note that even basic health insurance in the United States does not cover all medical benefits like prescription medicine or dental care or vision care. 


International students are responsible for any costs associated with their physical or mental health. Students should keep proof of insurance with them in case of emergency. International students may choose to purchase short term Health Insurance plans.

Below are common short-term plans purchased:

HTH Worldwide, 1-888-243-2358
ISO, 1-800-244-1180
The Harbor Group, 1-800-252-8160

La Roche University’s Health Services will remain at Steel City Internal Medicine Walk-In Clinic located in the professional building at UPMC Passavant. The service remains a free service for non-emergency routine medical care for La Roche students. 

Although health insurance is not required for a visit to Health Services, it is strongly recommended. If the medical issues need further procedures or medications, students will be responsible for expenses incurred for the clinic visit. 

Those charges can be billed to a student’s personal health insurance or paid directly to the provider. 

Walk in or call: 412-358-9613. A La Roche student ID card is required.