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Private Education Loans

Sometimes scholarships, grants, and federal loans do not cover all the expenses associated with paying for school. Some lenders offer private education loans to help bridge the gap between your financial aid package and what you and your family can realistically pay.

You may apply for any amount up to the cost of education, as determined by the Financial Aid Office, minus any other aid (including federal loans) that you are receiving. You will want to compare several lenders to find the best alternative loan to meet your needs. As a guide to assist you, we have compiled a list of our most frequently requested private lenders who have disbursed at least one loan to La Roche University students in the last three academic years.

Click here for Recommended Lenders List

You are free to choose ANY lender - whether it is on the list or not - without penalty. In the event that you choose a lender not appearing on the list, please notify the Financial Aid Office so we may assist in processing your loan.

 Important information about this list:
All lenders on this list have submitted an RFI (Request for Information) to La Roche University. The RFI focused on such areas as interest rates, fees, borrower benefits and repayment incentives. Customer satisfaction, experience and reputation of each lender are major considerations for inclusion on this list. We invite and encourage feedback from student and parent borrowers regarding their experience with these lenders. To the best of our knowledge, these lenders are unaffiliated with each other. Outside entities do not influence our dedication to providing objective information on educational borrowing. Neither La Roche University nor any of its employees receive payments or benefits of any kind from entities in exchange for inclusion on this list, nor do we have undisclosed contracts, agreements or financial interests with (or in) any of these lenders.

Application: Loan application with individual lender

Deadline: Before the last day of enrollment