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Clubs & Organizations

Getting involved makes your university experience much more rewarding.

Activities and Organizations

You have the opportunity to make every second count at La Roche University.

Joining and activity or organization has many benefits. You get to meet new people, discover your talents and embrace new experiences. Club officers and members even get to sharpen their leadership skills, which will benefit them at school and later in the workforce.

No matter your interests or personality, you'll find ways to get involved on campus, with more 30 student clubs and organizations to explore. 

With everything from The Student Government Association (SGA) to campus media groups, multicultural clubs and academic organizations, you have endless opportunities to share your talents, voice your opinion and connect with people of all backgrounds at La Roche.

The Center for Student Development

Serving as a central point of campus, The Center for Student Development organizes our clubs, organizations and many campus events. Its main priorities are your involvement, growth and leadership development.

If you want to join a club or prefer to create your own, the Center helps you find a place to belong and welcomes new ideas.

This office also houses the Student Government Association (SGA) office, as well as the clubs room.