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Affinity and Inclusion Groups

Represent our multicultural and diverse community by promoting the unique cultures on the La Roche campus. A popular event each year is the GLOBE International Fashion Show.

African Culture Club

African Culture Club is a student organization that raises awareness of African nations, heritage, culture, customs, values and beliefs. The organization instills a positive environment where members can feel welcome and at home. The organization also provides information and assist members with many challenges that come from a culture shock.  

Advisor: Dr. Azlan Tajuddin 

Asian Club

Asian Club is a student organization established to share Asian culture with the campus community: domestic and international students as well as neighbors around the area. The role of the Asian Club is to be a bridge between Asians and non-Asians in order to build stronger and closer friendships. 

Advisor: Sister Veronica Kim, CDP  

Black Student Achievement 

Black Student Achievement is an organization that provides support and a sense of community for black students, and it is a safe space for addressing issues that impact their experiences on and off campus. Additionally, Black Student Achievement does the work of providing the campus with opportunities to engage in educational programs that focus on Black history and culture as well as social justice issues that affect the Black community. 

Advisor: Sarah White 

GLOBE (Globalization for La Roche: One Beat on Earth) 

GLOBE is an organization committed to highlighting and celebrating the cultures and traditions of members of the La Roche community. GLOBE provides opportunity for cross-cultural dialogue and global topic exploration through educational and social programming and service. Additionally, this organization serves as a place where international and domestic students can share their experiences, express their concerns and find a sense of belonging. 

Co-Advisor: Sarah White

GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance)

GSA promotes tolerance and acceptance throughout the University and community. This organization provides a safe, non-judgmental space as well as a support network for LGBTQ+ student body. The students who participate in this organization share a common vision of social equality. 

Co-Advisor: Sarah White

Italian Club

This organization strives to bring Italian traditions to the University. The purpose is to give all people, Italian or not, a taste of what it means to be Italian through food, music, festivities and culture.
If interested, contact the Center for Student Development at 412-536-1044 or email

Mosaic (Multicultural Organization Serving an Integrated Community)

MOSAIC is a student organization that promotes cultural competency, diversity and inclusion. MOSAIC develops programs that are designed to engage the campus community in critical conversations around issues that impact the student experience while also bringing awareness to the diversity of thought and backgrounds that exist on campus.

Advisor: Sarah White 

Saudi Club

The Saudi club connects Saudi student with colleagues from different nationalities at the University. The organization encourages members to communicate with the American civil society in Pittsburgh to convergence between different cultures at La Roche University and in the city of Pittsburgh. The organization helps students understand cultural, media, sports and social programs at La Roche. 

Advisor: Natasha Garrett 

Spanish Club

The purpose of this organization is to explore the language and culture of Spanish speaking countries through a variety of activities including Spanish movie nights and field trips to cultural events. Enrollment in Spanish courses is helpful but not required, interest in the Spanish language and culture or native speaker.  

Advisor: Natasha Garrett