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Student Life

College is more than classes, grades, midterms and finals. It's about self-discovery, new experiences and meeting other people.

With more than 30 student clubs and organizations, La Roche gives you the chance to experience college at its fullest.

Our students receive the best of both worlds: a vibrant, residential campus, and a major metropolitan area located 15 minutes away in downtown Pittsburgh.

Whether you join a club, or take advantage of the opportunities in one of the world's most livable cities, you'll grow as a person and discover your potential on a daily basis. 

Get Involved

Explore more than 30 student clubs and organizations to make your college experience much more rewarding.
Enjoy the perks of apartment-style living. Learn more about our fully equipped suites and four residences halls.
Students have access to nearby shopping and dining opportunities, plus the ability to work as they study toward their degrees.
Our locally sourced and seasonal menus will please your palate and meet your dietary needs. Learn more..
Struggling at school or at home? Learn more about La Roche's Health & Counseling Services.
This Student Handbook contains an abundance of information to help you at La Roche University.