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Cybersecurity and Forensics

Law enforcement, national security and the private sector all heavily rely on the protection of digital data and post-event forensic analysis of a cyberattack.

As online businesses and services face more sophisticated cyber threats and attacks, there is an increased demand for information security professionals. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment for information security analysts to grow 35 percent nationally and 33 percent in Pennsylvania through 2030.

The Cybersecurity and Forensics program at La Roche University prepares you for this rapidly growing field using an interdisciplinary approach, combining the areas of law, information technology and computer science. 
The major addresses this increased demand with a focus on internal risk, national security or first responder.

As a student in the program, you will:
  • Develop the skills required to identify, preserve and analyze digital data
  • Evaluate current ethical cyber investigative skills and techniques
  • Demonstrate knowledge of legal and technical issues of cybersecurity
  • Acquire a global perspective of transnational cyber issues and crime trends
  • Develop technical and investigated problem-solving skills
  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills

Expert Faculty

La Roche professors possess a combination of strong academic credentials and extensive practical experience. Faculty includes current and former members of the FBI, police, prosecution agencies, courts and correctional agencies.

Our recently hired computer forensics professor is a former FBI Special Agent of 26 years who specialized in cyber, criminal, national security and international investigations. He was the recipient of the 2011 FBI Director's Award for Outstanding Cyber Investigation for his work on multinational cyber malware investigation, an award given to less than one percent of FBI employees.

Applied Learning 

Our CSI student laboratory allows you to put theory into action through the investigation of realistic, simulated scenes based on actual crimes. You'll have the opportunity to conduct a search and examine devices.

Take a virtual tour of campus to see our CSI lab.


What Can You Do With Your Degree? 

This major prepares you for roles including:
  • Information security analyst
  • Cybersecurity analyst
  • Digital forensic analyst
  • Computer and network security investigator
  • Threat assessment analyst
  • Intelligence analyst
  • Computer scientist (law enforcement)
  • Investigator