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Alumni Association

Mission Statement of the Alumni Association

The La Roche Alumni Association, in conjunction with the Alumni Relations Office, is the primary linkage between La Roche and its alumni. As a body, we are committed to La Roche’s mission of lifelong learning, discovery and engagement, and encouraging alumni to become actively involved as ambassadors for La Roche.

Objectives of the Alumni Association

  1. To provide opportunities for alumni to build and maintain relationships with La Roche and fellow alumni
  2. To provide social opportunities for alumni to remain engaged with La Roche and each other
  3. To support programs of student recruitment, career networking, student mentoring, community service and alumni programming
  4. To lend alumni experience and skill in addressing institutional challenges and to keep La Roche informed of alumni sentiment

Ways You Can Volunteer

The Alumni Relations Office is only as effective as its volunteers are active. Everyone who wants to have a role in alumni-related programs can participate with a time commitment of his or her choosing. Consider some of these volunteer opportunities, or suggest a role that you would like to fill in the alumni program:

  • Homecoming Planning Committee
  • Academic Reunions Committee
  • Athletic Reunions Committee
  • Provide internship opportunities for current students
  • Provide employment opportunities
  • Get involved in the La Roche Alumni Facebook page and the La Roche Alumni LinkedIn page 
  • Participate in the Alumni Recruitment Team and help recruit students to La Roche

Stay Connected

All graduates of La Roche are members of the Alumni Association upon graduation. To stay connected with us, please update your contact information.

Thank you for your consideration. Please contact the alumni office at  or 412-536-1085 if you want to discuss available opportunities and your interests in the Alumni Association.