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Graduate Program

Become an expert in professional communication practices, media studies and social media.

Master of Arts in Communication

Communication as a skill is highly valued by employers and often found lacking in applicants. With a Master of Arts in Communication from La Roche University, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to meet a growing demand for graduate-level communications and media professionals.

The degree also positions graduates for career mobility, with market research showing that professionals who hold an M.A. in Communication earn an estimated $15,000 more than those with a bachelor’s degree alone.

Graduates of the program are prepared to:

  • Evaluate current and emerging scholarship in communications, media studies and social media
  • Design and implement studies that put communication theory in to practice in professional settings
  • Weigh contemporary ethical issues in communication and social media
  • Produce communication strategies through the application of research methods into communication practices in various settings
  • Investigate media through the application of contemporary interpretive methods 

Accelerated Format

Designed to accommodate working professionals, the program offers accelerated online and evening courses. Students may choose to complete the program within one year or two.

Five eight-week terms are required to complete the program in one year: two in fall, two in spring and one in the summer. Spring enrollees will require an additional semester to complete coursework. Students who choose the two-year option will complete one course in each five-week term.

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