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Communication, Media and Technology

Hands-on projects and classes at La Roche University provide the experience and skillset you need to excel in any multimedia field.

Today’s media industries all share a common goal: to entertain and inform. Whether you want to work in news media, advertising, broadcast, or television and radio, you need a solid foundation in communication and message design.

At La Roche University we teach you how to draft creative concepts, influence an audience, and provide programming for media such as radio, television, Internet and cable.

Career-Focused Curriculum

The Communication, Media and Technology major emphasizes the interconnection between communication and media. Students learn the difference between successful and unsuccessful media, and how to use effective verbal, nonverbal and interpersonal messaging to attract an audience.

The curriculum also explores the media’s ever-changing capabilities, including the growing and influential area of social media. Advanced students study the specific world of new media and digital technology, and the legal and economic aspects of these dynamic fields.

Expert Faculty

La Roche professors are highly experienced professionals who have strong connections to local media, business startups and nonprofits, which easily connects you to internship and networking opportunities. Their specialties include:

  • Writing
  • Radio
  • Application development
  • Music
  • Video
  • Business
  • News
  • Television

Film, Video and Media Electives

Students have the opportunity to complete courses in video, photography and film. The courses include regular interaction with our filmmaker-in-residence, providing you with practical knowledge. You’ll also gain hands-on experience with our up-to-date video and photography equipment.

Real-World Experience

The major requires you to complete an internship so that you gain professional experience before graduating. Students also have the opportunity to join campus media organizations such as ELRC Radio, the La Roche Film Club and The Redhawk Post, our online student newspaper.

What Can You Do With Your Degree?

The major prepares you for positions with video, television, radio, Internet and other media organizations. Career opportunities include:

  • Broadcast and sound engineer technician
  • Editor, writer or author
  • Film and video editor or camera operator
  • Reporter
  • Photographer
  • Announcer
  • Public relations specialist
  • Communications specialist